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New dates Utrecht Spine Course 2024 – March 22/23 – Spinal Infections

Dear Colleagues,

It is our great pleasure to invite you to attend the upcoming 4th edition of the Utrecht Spine Course. For the 2023 edition of this course we have chosen ‘Adult Spinal Deformities’ as the overarching theme.

In this course we will interactively share our concepts for the clinical care of patients with spinal deformities, discuss various surgical techniques and introduce pathways for future improvement of this population.  You will practice the selection of the right patient, conventional correction and fusion techniques will be reviewed, and insight will be given into the future by sharing our experience with implementation of state of the art technologies. Next to lectures, there is ample time for case-based discussions and interaction with the faculty. For a limited group, a cadaver and 3D print simulation lab with hands on training of different (innovative) techniques is provided on Saturday.

As a ‘grande finale’, Cumhur Öner will give a lecture on the lessons learned during his extensive career in spinal surgery.

We sincerely hope you will attend this very comprehensive course, it promises to be a great educational experience.

On behalf of the Utrecht Spine Unit,

Tom Schlösser