Friday 18 March

Paradigm Shifts in Metastatic Spinal Disease

Time Subject and Lecturer
09.00 Welcome and introduction – Lodewijk van Rhijn
09.05 The Why of the course – Jorrit-Jan Verlaan
09.20 Initial presentation in a regional hospital – Peter Wessels
09.40 Referral patterns are related to outcome – Floris van Tol
10.00 Coffee break
10.30 Simple triage and rapid treatment using NOMS – Jorrit-Jan Verlaan
10.50 Shared decision making & what matters in the end – Mirjam Willemsen
11.10 It’s radiotherapy, but not as we know it – Nicolien Kasperts
11.30 Systemic therapy changes everything – Karijn Suijkerbuijk
11.50 Machine learning prediction models for metastatic spinal disease – Paul Ogink
12.10 Surgical goals and emerging techniques- Sander Muijs
12.30 Lunch
Time Subject and Lecturer
13.30 Workshop: Getting familiar with START, NOMS, SDM
15.00 Break
15.30 Great expectations (from patients and doctors) – Roxanne Gal
15.50 Educating your region & reducing the emergency ratio – Joost Rutges
16.10 Learning from every patient – Lenny Verkooijen
16.30 Summary and conclusions – Jorrit-Jan Verlaan
16.45 Closure and drinks


Dr. G.J. Amelink, neurosurgeon
Dr. R. Gal, researcher/postdoc
Drs. N. Kasperts, radiation oncologist
Prof.dr. M.C. Kruyt, ortopedic surgeon
Dr. N. Moayeri, neurosurgeon
Dr. S.P.J. Muijs, orthopedic surgeon
Drs. P.T. Ogink, resident orthopedic surgery
Prof. Dr. L.W. van Rhijn, orthopedic surgeon
Dr. J.P.H.J. Rutges, orthopedic surgeon

Dr. T.P.C. Schlösser, orthopedic surgeon
Drs. W.B.M. Slooff, neurosurgeon
Dr. K.P.M. Suijkerbuijk, medical oncologist
Drs. F. van Tol, research-resident
Drs. P.R. van Urk, orthopedic surgeon
Dr. J.J.C. Verhoeff, radiotherapist, oncologist
Prof. dr. H.M. Verkooijen, epidemiologist
Prof. dr. J.J. Verlaan, orthopedic surgeon
Dr. P.H. Wessels, neurologist
Drs. M. Willemsen, general practitioner