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Friday 22 March  and Saturday 23 March 2024

Spinal Infections

08.45Welcome and introduction
Prof. dr. L.W. van Rhijn and Dr. J. van Tiel
09.00Guidelines for spinal infections in
adults and children
Dr. D.H.R. Kempen
09.30 AO classification for spinal infections
Prof. Dr. F.C. Öner
10.00Imaging and image guided
interventions for spinal infections
Dr. W. Foppen
10.30Coffee Break
11.00 Antibiotic treatment of spinal infections
Dr. R.J. Rentenaar
11.30Case discussion: Surgical treatment of native spinal infections with and without prevertebral or epidural abscesses
Dr. S.P.J. Muijs
and Dr. N. Moayeri
12.30 Lunch break
13.30Spinal Tuberculosis
Dr. T. Mudrikova
14.00Treatment of and prevention of acute
implant related infections
Prof. Dr. M.C. Kruyt
14.30Case discussion: Conservative versus early operative treatment of post-operative infections after instrumented spinal surgery
Dr. S. Sadiqi and Dr. H.R. Niknejad
15.00 Tea break
15.30Occult infections and pseudarthrosis
after spinal fusion
Dr. T.P.C. Schlösser
16.00The complicated spinal wound
Drs. D.D. Krijgh
16.30 Towards better understanding and
treatment of spinal infections
Prof. Dr. H.H. Weinans
17.00Closure and drinks
Saturday 23 March 2024: Hands-on cadaveric lab
08:00 Hands-on training
10:00 Break
10:30 Hands-on training
12:30 Closure and lunch
Surgical skills stations:
- Treatment of spondylodiscitis with massive
bonedestruction and boneloss using a
Dr. S.P.J. Muijs
- Costotransversectomy
Prof. dr. M.C. Kruyt
- Percutaneous stabilization, drainage of
perivertebral abcess and the sacroiliac joint

Dr. T.P.C. Schlösser
- Anterior abcess drainage and corpectomy for
cervical spondylodiscitis

Dr. N. Moayeri


Dr. W. Foppen, radiologist
Dr. D.H.R. Kempen orthopedic surgeon
Drs. D.D. Krijgh, plastic surgeon
Prof. Dr. M.C. Kruyt, orthopedic surgeon
Dr. N. Moayeri, neurosurgeon
Dr. T. Mudrikova, internal medicine and infectious diseases specialist
Dr. S.P.J. Muijs, orthopedic surgeon
Prof. Dr. F.C. Öner, orthopedic surgeon
Dr. R.J. Rentenaar, medical biologist

Prof. Dr. L.W. van Rhijn, orthopedic surgeon
Dr. S. Sadiqi, orthopedic surgeon
Dr. T.P.C. Schlösser, orthopedic surgeon
Dr. J. van Tiel, orthopedic surgeon
Prof. Dr. H. Weinans, professor of tissue
biomechanics and implants

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