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Friday 17 March 2023

Adult Spinal Deformities

Defining the right indications for surgery:
Moderator Dr. T.P.C. Schlösser
09.00 Welcome and introduction
Prof. dr. L.W. van Rhijn
09.05 Defining adult spinal deformity
Dr. P.P.A. Vergroesen
09.15 Selecting the right patient
Dr. B.J.E. de Lange-Brokaar
09.30 Case discussion: Selecting the right patient
Prof. dr. J.J. Verlaan
09.50 Relevance of ASD for THA surgery
Drs. T.E. Snijders
10.05 Posttraumatic deformities
Prof. dr. F.C. Öner
10.30Coffee Break
Surgical considerations:
Moderator Prof. dr. M.C. Kruijt
11.00 Relevance of sagittal alignment
Dr. T.P.C. Schlösser
11.10 Case disussions: Planning sagittal realignment
Dr. T.P.C. Schlösser
11.30 Autograft or alternative bone grafting
Dr. ir. A.M. Lehr
11.45 Evidence-based cages
Dr. S.M. van Gaalen
12.00 Case discussion: Surgical treatment of cervical kyphosis
Dr. N. Moayeri
12.20 Lunch break
Moderator Dr. S.P.J. Muijs
13.20Alternatives to end of construct screws
Prof. dr. L.W. van Rhijn
13.40 Case discussion: Indication for screw cement augmentation
Dr. J. van Tiel
14.00 Innovations in spinal imaging
Dr. W. Foppen
14.153D lab workflow
Dr. K. Willemsen
14.30 Case discussions: Individualized treatment of extreme ASD
Prof. dr. M.C. Kruijt
15.00Tea break
15.30 Lessons learned
Prof. dr. F.C. Öner
16.15Closure and drinks
Saturday 18 March 2023: Skillslab (4 stations)
- Alternative fixation techniques:
Laminar bands and hooks
Prof. dr. L.W. van Rhijn
- Patient specific 3D-print training
Prof. dr. M.C. Kruyt and Ir. J. Magré
Drs. P.R. van Urk
- Iliosacral fixation techniques
Dr. S.P.J. Muijs


Dr. W. Foppen, radiologist
Dr. S.M. van Gaalen, orthopedic surgeon
Prof.dr. M.C. Kruyt, ortopedic surgeon
Dr. B.J.E. de Lange-Brokaar, rehabilitation specialist
Dr. ir. A.M. Lehr, staff advisor
Ir. J. Magré, biomedical engineer 3D Lab
Dr. N. Moayeri, neurosurgeon
Dr. S.P.J. Muijs, orthopedic surgeon
Prof. dr. F.C. Öner, orthopedic surgeon
Prof. dr. L.W. van Rhijn, orthopedic surgeon

Dr. T.P.C. Schlösser, orthopedic surgeon
Drs. T.E. Snijders, resident orthopedic surgery
Dr. J. van Tiel, orthopedic surgeon
Drs. P.R. van Urk, orthopedic surgeon
Dr. P.P.A. Vergroesen, orthopedic surgeon
Prof. dr. J.J. Verlaan, orthopedic surgeon
Dr. K. Willemsen, coordinator 3D Lab

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